As an employer, you want to have peace of mind that your employees can do their jobs without being under the influence of mind-altering drugs. Company profits, workplace safety, and employee productivity are essential factors in your organization’s success. Instituting a drug testing policy to become a drug and alcohol-free workplace is a critical step in establishing a path to success. Regular drug users are very skilled at hiding the side effects of their drug of choice. Here are some reasons to implement random drug testing in your organization.

Employee Drug Use is a Liability

For all employers, substance abuse is a significant concern in the workplace.  Drug testing should be done during pre-employment to avoid hiring individuals with drug use dependency. Random drug testing is ideal and should be done for an individual’s in safety-sensitive occupations to protect an organization’s assets. Post-incident drug testing is necessary because people who use drugs pose an increased risk of injury and mistakes in the workplace. Random drug screening will ensure that your employees can perform all of their required job tasks without placing your organization in jeopardy.

Workplace Safety

Drug testing is essential for employers because random drug testing protects your organization and its employees. The most common reason for drug testing employees in the workplace is safe. This is a straight-forward concept if employees are using illegal substances, and are under the influence of these substances while at work, this creates a much less safe working environment. The safety issue is particularly prominent for employees that drive company vehicles, operate heavy machinery, and work directly with consumers. Keeping in mind that, those involved in workplace accidents are more likely to test positive for drug use than average employees.

Safeguarding Healthcare Costs

Healthcare is one of the most expensive services in the world. Drug users can injure both themselves and others in the workplace, which has been shown to increase medical expenses for the average employee by four times. This would result in increased health care costs for any employer. In some states, if drug-use is the reason that an accident occurred a claim from workers compensation can be refused due to the employee’s negligence. The only way employers can benefit from keeping healthcare expenses economical is by doing random drug testing.

Pre-employment drug screening is a good way to separate those who use drugs from nonusers in the beginning, but the best way to eliminate drug use among your employees is random drug testing. Some of the benefits employers gain from employee drug testing is improved employee productivity, decreased absenteeism, lower insurance, and healthcare claims for workers compensation. When an organization takes preventative action by implementing a drug-free workplace program, the employees will be able to avoid drug-related incidents that will be a long-term asset to your organization and its stakeholders.

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