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Pre-Check offers pre-employment background screening solutions to the wholesale/distribution industry. We offer a variety of solutions to meet your wholesale/distribution employment background check needs.

Whether you are a major brewery, horticultural supplier, beverage distributor, automotive parts supplier or another niche in the wholesale and distribution industry, The Pre-Check company understands the importance of hiring decisions to your company. We understand our wholesale and distribution customers have very individual hiring needs, and we work hard to provide the best screening solutions to meet them. High turnover is an issue for a lot of wholesale/ distribution companies, and one of the best ways to combat it is thorough background screening. National Criminal Searches are crucial for employers to make good hiring decisions by screening for felony and misdemeanor convictions nationally or by state.

Drug screens are another key service to maintain a safe and productive work environment. Hair testing provides up to three months of drug use detection to stop drug abuse at the employment door.  Pre-Check offers several types of urinalysis tests, the most common form of drug testing, which helps prevent worker’s compensation claims through random and post-accident drug screens.  Oral fluid testing is the quickest method of drug testing which allows employers to quickly test for substance abuse in a matter of minutes. 

In a post-offer search, screening for worker’s compensation claims helps identify those who have submitted a significant amount of claims and, therefore, may be unable to perform the duties of the job.

It is also recommended to those in this industry to obtain verified work history and references from past employers. Reference and verification services provide important insight on prospective employees' credibility, work habits, personality and dependability to help employers make informed hiring decisions. 

Recommended Services:

Pre-Check National Criminal Search
Worker’s Compensation Reports
Employment References
Drug Screening

We offer volume discounts and pre-employment solutions for every budget,  so please contact us with your particular requirements so we can design a program that is best for your bottom line and your peace of mind.

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