What’s Included with a Comprehensive National Background Check?

We are starting a video series to dive deep into our services and how Pre-Check provides value to our clients. Watch below as we sit down with Pre-Check President & CEO, Bob Drusendahl, to discuss Pre-Check Complete (a comprehensive national background check).

*below is a transcription of the video.


Database Search: The First Step of Our Complete Background Check

Pre-Check Complete is really a cumulative package of three different products. The first part covers hundreds and hundreds of databases.

  • We cover a national approach to what’s being done electronically by using today’s technologies to tap into part of the FBI, part of the U.S. Marshals Office, and part of the Office of Asset Control.
  • We check all 50 states for sexual offenders and record that information.
  • We gather career felons reported electronically for 42 of the 50 states (8 do not report electronically).
  • We do a Social Security search and to identify addresses that the applicant may or may not have told you about.

Step Two: Scraping the Records

The second part of what we do would involve going and collecting the records from individual companies, it’s called scraping the records. Whether it’s the 254 counties in Texas, the 99 counties in Iowa, or the 88 counties in Ohio, we’re able to collect or screen the records for both felonies and misdemeanors.

The Importance of Misdemeanors.

Pre-Check Complete Slide

Pre-Check Complete Slide

Misdemeanors are even more important these days, as drug and substance abuse is increasing and all over the news. As an employer, you don’t care if the candidate had/sold a little bit of fentanyl or a lot of fentanyl, they abused illegal drugs and substances and that should affect your hiring decision.

The amount of drugs, along with other factors, determine whether it is a felony or misdemeanor. Many think that misdemeanors aren’t criminal, that they aren’t very serious (like traffic violations), but it’s simply not true.

Misdemeanors that Indicate Workplace Violence

Did you know that domestic violence, the leading indicator of violence in the workplace, starts out as a misdemeanor? Over time, it migrates up to a felony. That means you could hire someone who is a domestic abuser, and not know because they only had a misdemeanor charge.

If a person points a weapon at you that’s unloaded, it’s a 4th degree felony, but it could be plea bargained down to a first degree misdemeanor. Now, if someone is pointing a weapon at you, you’re going to take that seriously no matter the charge (whether it’s a felony or a misdemeanor in the case). This is why we do scrape the records of the states and collect the fillings and misdemeanors.

Why Pre-Check Goes Beyond Scraping the Records (Step Three)

Sometimes, the scraping of state records to collect all filings and misdemeanors isn’t enough. Let’s say your applicant is Mary Smith and you want to make sure you get the right Mary Smith, as it is a common name. The electronic data will report different Mary Smiths that are not confirmed by two identifiers. Therefore, Pre-Check wants to ensure we have the right Mary Smith.

To do this, we send someone into all 3,141 counties (in the United States and U.S. territories) and we’re able to search them for criminal histories.

Tracking Down Elvis

Let’s say you were tracking down Elvis Presley. You would go to Lee County, Mississippi, to Tupelo, and do a search there. But, he also was in Clark County, Nevada (Las Vegas) as well – so you’d want to search there too. Then, of course, his home was in Shelby County, Tennessee (in Memphis) – this county would be searched.

The point is that we’re able to search national databases, and then get specific and search all 3,141 counties in the United States in addition to International Search capabilities.

Pre-Check Complete is a genuine, fully comprehensive, national background check.

To learn about this offering and how The Pre-Check Company can help you, give us a call and ask for Bob. How many companies do you know where the President is available right out of the gate?

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