In the digital age, there are many resources that assist a recruiter, human resource specialist, or hiring manager find the best candidate to fill a current job opening. Job boards and career sites are a good tool because hiring professionals have access to numerous candidates who aren’t in their internal tracking system or applied directly to a company’s website. They can search a database of resumes based on keywords and qualifications to find the right candidate! We’re going to explore our top job board picks you need to use.


Overall, Indeed is the most popular job board among candidates, and thus has the largest candidate pool. The job board has the most listings that lead to the most candidates applying for a job. Also, candidates have the option to upload a resume. That means if they are not selected for a specific position, then their resume is saved and matched to additional positions where the applicant meets the qualifications. Hiring managers have access to these resumes and find this to be an advantage because the quality of applicants applying for job openings are of a higher caliber.


Glassdoor is a reliable resource; the job board is convenient and offers the ability to connect with applicants that otherwise would not be available by simply searching an internal applicant tracking system. Glassdoor provides fresh and relevant search results. The search results can be filtered by numerous criteria relevant to any job description. This job board specializes in company reviews that is a factor in attracting candidates to upload a resume to this job board.


LinkedIn is unique in the fact that job seekers interact with their professional network to seek employment. LinkedIn is also a social network, not just a job board. Candidates can change their settings on their profile to let hiring managers know that they are looking for new opportunities. LinkedIn’s social access has made this job board well-liked among many job seekers. Hiring managers can review a candidate’s experience, certifications, and professional organizations. This job board provides a well-rounded view of a candidate that allows a hiring manager the ability to send a private message to communicate with the potential candidate.

Most applicants are applying for jobs using online resources. This way, applicants have access to several jobs instead of applying on just one website. In turn, hiring managers have access to these candidates. Job boards allow hiring managers to connect with qualified and invested candidates that meet the demands of the employer and employee.