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Welcome Aboard! To begin using any of our services, please return a signed Client Service Agreement to The Pre-Check Company via email, fax, or postal mail.

We offer volume discounts and pre-employment solutions for every budget, so please contact us with your particular requirements so we can design a pricing program that is best for your bottom line and your peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to request a background check?

To order a background check, you’ll need to email or fax the following forms*:

1. Client Request Form

2. State Specific Disclosure

3. Federal Disclosure

*For Education, Employment or Reference Check services, we require the school, employer, or reference information. Please make sure this information includes the name of the school, person or company, phone number, and location.

For a description of our documentation, take a look at our library to the right!

What information is required to be completed on an Applicant Release

We ask that the applicant complete all categories listed on the State Specific Disclosure form to ensure the most thorough results. The date of birth and social security number are required for the majority of services.

How can I check the status of my request?

You can track your request by clicking LOGIN at the top right corner of our website and selecting the applicant’s profile. You will be able to view any work that is pending.

If you are an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) or Online Application (OLA) customer, you will be able to view pending and completed reports from your OLA or ATS login.

How do I request a service?

Request forms and releases can be sent by email to or by fax to 440-348-5441 or 440-348-5440.

We do accept mail requests; however, with this option, we cannot guarantee we will receive the request in a timely manner. This can significantly increase the turnaround time for results. We do not allow applicants to send in their own requests. In the event that an applicant does submit their own request, we will contact the customer for approval before processing.

If you are interested in using Pre-Check’s Online Application Software to submit your background check requests, please contact us directly at 1-800-268-2435.

What is the 11:00 am cutoff?

The Pre-Check Company maintains an 11:00 am cutoff time for processing new requests.

This means that if you submit a request after 11:00 am, your service may not be started until the following business day.

The cutoff time allows us to coordinate the most efficient service with our national research team who may be working across various time zones. Submissions received before 11:00 am can begin a physical court search in the same day

How does Pre-Check send me my result reports?

Reports can be delivered through a variety of channels, listed on your Client Service Agreement.

The most popular option is the secure email notification. With this option, you will receive an email link to the completed report. Once you click on the link and sign into your Pre-Check account, you will be able to view your report.

For additional options, please contact us at

If you are an Applicant Tracking System or Online Application customer, completed reports can be viewed from your ATS or OLA login.

How do I change my password?

If you have forgotten your password, select the “forgot password” option on the LOGIN screen. You will be prompted to provide your username and email address. You will then receive an email with a temporary password. Once you receive your temporary password, sign in to your account and select the “My Profile” option to update your password.

How do I make a fingerprinting appointment?

Local fingerprinting services are available during regular business hours and by appointment only. To schedule an appointment, please call 1-800-268-2435.

Please, no walk-ins.

What do I need to bring for a fingerprinting appointment not affiliated with a Pre-Check client?

  • Photo ID – Preferably a driver’s license
  • The name and current address of where results should be sent
  • The desired services (BCI, FBI, or both)
  • The applicable BCI and/or FBI codes if different from standard codes
  • If you are under 18 years of age a Parent or Guardian (also with photo ID) must be present
  • Form of payment – cash or check preferred; surcharges will apply for Mastercard or Visa

Why do certain requests stipulate the addition of a Single County search?

In the Statewide and Complete services, if the county to be searched is outside of the primary state being searched, we must add the additional county as a Single County service.
In the Single County and National services, each additional name and county to be searched is added as a Single County search as specified by the outline of the primary service.

Why do I get some results before others for the Workers’ Compensation service?

The time frame for Workers’ Compensation results are based on what state is providing the claim history (state of residence unless otherwise specified). The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, which is most frequently requested, does not send results in the order they are requested. We do keep in contact and ask for status updates on any results that have not been returned within the time frame provided by the state.

Why isn’t the Federal Criminal Service included in the Pre-Check Complete service?

Federal crime cases are held by the United States Marshals Office and are not accessed by any state or county court system. We, therefore, have to follow the U.S. Marshals’s guidelines to access those particular case results.

How important is the Social Security Number to run a check?

The Social Security Number is crucial in verifying applicant identity and ensuring the most accurate results.

What does “Clerk Assisted” mean?

Clerk assisted means our researcher is not permitted to independently complete searches, as only the Court Clerk is allowed access to the records.

How is the location chosen for the drug screen service?

We choose the collection site that is closest to the applicant’s current residence provided unless otherwise specified.


Use the following forms to begin service with The Pre-Check Company or request a new service…

Client Service Agreement

Are you ready to start ordering background checks with The Pre-Check Company? Read and sign the Client Service Agreement to begin ordering new services from The Pre-Check Company.

Client Request Form

Select the background screening services you need for a given applicant with the Client Request Form. Submit this form with signed State Specific Disclosure and Federal Disclosure documents to initiate a new service.

State Specific Disclosure (SAMPLE)

You must have your applicant sign BOTH State Specific and Federal Disclosure form before performing a background check with The Pre-Check Company. Above is an editable version of the State Specific Disclosure. If your computer does not support Microsoft Work, you can download a PDF copy here.

Federal Disclosure (SAMPLE)

You must have your applicant sign BOTH State Specific and Federal Disclosure form before performing a background check with The Pre-Check Company. Above is an editable version of the Federal Disclosure. If your computer does not support Microsoft Work, you can download a PDF copy here.

Applicant Release for Credit Report (SAMPLE)

Need to run an employment credit report? Submit a signed Applicant Release for Credit Report with a Client Request Form to request a credit report service.

International Privacy Release

For applicants who reside outside of the United States, use the International Privacy Release form to submit a background check request.

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