Pre-Employment Credit Reports

History of the applicant’s credit, verification of name and Social Security Number, and a listing of public records such as bankruptcy filings and civil litigation. This report also often provides the applicant’s current address and may provide up to four previous employers. Separate approval application is required, call us for details. All clients get one credit report before the setup is required. An on-site inspection is required for more than one report in addition to the one-time setup fee. 

Pre-Check; Pre-Employment Credit Reports



Credit Reports Include:

1.  Subject Name Information

2.  Address Information: Current address and two previous addresses

3.  Personal Information: Includes Social Security Number (SSN), birth date, and telephone number.

4.  Employment Information: The two most recent jobs are returned when present on the consumer file.

5.  Date of Last Activity and Activity Type: Both items are reported to show the most current information on the subject's file. The date of last activity is taken from a date on a public record, tradeline, or inquiry.

6.  Special Messages: Returned in the special message section, when applicable. Messages include a special deceased message, FCRA messages concerning bankruptcy, account closed by consumer or account in dispute.

7.  Model Profile: Includes any scores for models validated for the subscriber.

8.  Public Record Information

9.  Tradeline Information

10.  Inquiry Information

11.  Consumer Statement Information: If the file contains a consumer statement

12.  Owning Bureau Information



Reference checks, education and employment verification turnaround times typically take 2 days and 6 hours. The status of your reports are regularly updated in the system and time stamped so you can see the progress as it occurs.


By the time a report reaches you, two sets of eyes have read each report. ensuring the accuracy of information.


We have addressed privacy issues with Secure Socket Layer technology, so that you can sign in and retrieve your applicant's report, but no one else can, ensuring the security of your potential hires' information.
Easy to Read

Easy to Read

Our reports are easy to read. We don't use abbreviations, we use real words to ensure maximum understanding of each potential applicant that we report on.