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Pre-Check offers pre-employment background checks screening solutions to the healthcare industry. We offer a variety of solutions to meet your Healthcare employment background checks needs.

Pre-Check has learned over the last 23 years that whether you are a major healthcare system or a single clinic, quality patient care is your priority. This can only happen by being devoted to the art of healing and having the most qualified doctors, nurses technicians, and other healthcare providers. There is genuine wisdom in knowing what an applicant’s past performance is. An Employment Reference is the leading indicator of future performance.

Aside from getting detailed Employment References, Federal Exclusion Searches, Professional License Verifications, and Drug Screening all support qualifying the best employees. It is critical in healthcare to have a dedicated staff that will show up on time and does their best to provide quality patient care.

The adverse impact of failing to meet the regulatory requirements of State agencies and The Joint Commission will often result in poor employee performance, higher insurance premiums and added health care cost for patients. This is why it is so essential to make sure your employees have the skill set, education, and certifications necessary to do the job.

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Recommended Services

Employment References
Federal Exclusion Searches
National Criminal Searches
Education Verifications
Professional License Verifications
Drug Screening


Pre-Check offers pre-employment background screening solutions to the education industry. We offer a variety of solutions to meet your education employment background check needs.

For over twenty years Pre-Check has been the premier provider of background checks in the education industry, with several colleges and universities as our oldest clients.

It is important for educational institutions to foster a safe and trusted learning environment for students, professors, faculty and visitors. Pre-Check Complete Background Checks, Employment References and Education Verifications will help you protect your students, staff and reputation as a learning institution.

Pre-Check also offers background screening solutions for potential students. Many institutions that have affiliations with organizations of applied learning, such as clinicals and internships, need government-mandated background screening services. Often times, these organizations will require criminal background checks on all employees and volunteers. Pre-Check will diligently screen all of your student applications to affiliates so you both maintain compliance.

An institution of education mandates dependable, reliable screening solutions. With twenty-three years of proven experience screening those in education, Pre-Check will provide you with the best background screening solution to fit the needs of your organization.

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Recommended Services

Pre-Check Complete Criminal Search
Education Verifications
Employment References
National Criminal Search


Pre-Check offers pre-employment background screening solutions to the manufacturing industry. We offer a variety of solutions to meet your manufacturing employment background check needs.

Robert J. (Bob) Drusendahl, President of Pre-Check, owned a small but successful manufacturing company when he first learned the importance of pre-employment background screening. An employee was using intimidation and made physical threats toward another employee which resulted in his termination. An extensive litigation process ensued as a result of the termination that was so costly, it ultimately forced Bob to close his business. All due to one bad hiring decision.

The loss of his business inadvertently led Bob to his true passion and business today, The Pre-Check Company. Bob wanted to help fellow manufacturers and small business owners alike learn from his mistake of making one bad hire. Since then, The Pre-Check Company has conducted over one million pre employment screening services. On average 18% of pre-employment background checks conducted have conviction results of a felony or misdemeanor in the manufacturing industry alone.

The Bureau of Justice has stated that 68 million people have criminal records. Obtaining detailed National Criminal Searches on potential hires is essential to help protect your business from violence, theft and drug abuse.

Qualitative Employment References also give great insight into how an individual will perform in the workplace. It is important that employers learn about job seekers’ abilities, attendance, work habits, supervisory needs, eligibility for rehire and other key indicators. Through the use of detailed references, employers can be confident that they are making good hiring decisions.

Employees who use illegal substances put your business at risk and prevent your business from maintaining a culture for success. Drug tests like hair, urine and oral fluids testing can stop drug users from seeking employment at your business, and a robust random testing program is essential to maintain a drug free workplace.

Failing to provide in-depth background checks creates disharmony, inability to meet production goals, customer dissatisfaction and a multitude of other problems which ultimately have an adverse effect on your business.

It is just too expensive to hire a dud. Pre-Check works hard to ensure our clients make better hiring decisions and keep the manufacturing industry thriving with comprehensive background checks, detailed reference reports and quality drug screening services.

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Recommended Services

Employment References
National Criminals Searches
Drug Screening

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Pre-Check offers pre-employment background screening solutions to the construction industry. We offer a variety of solutions to meet your construction employment background check needs.

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Wholesale / Distribution

Pre-Check offers pre-employment background screening solutions to the wholesale/distribution industry. We offer a variety of solutions to meet your wholesale/distribution employment background check needs.

Whether you are a major brewery, horticultural supplier, beverage distributor, automotive parts supplier or another niche in the wholesale and distribution industry, The Pre-Check company understands the importance of hiring decisions to your company. We understand our wholesale and distribution customers have very individual hiring needs, and we work hard to provide the best screening solutions to meet them. High turnover is an issue for a lot of wholesale/ distribution companies, and one of the best ways to combat it is thorough background screening. National Criminal Searches are crucial for employers to make good hiring decisions by screening for felony and misdemeanor convictions nationally or by state.

Drug screens are another key service to maintain a safe and productive work environment. Hair testing provides up to three months of drug use detection to stop drug abuse at the employment door. Pre-Check offers several types of urinalysis tests, the most common form of drug testing, which helps prevent worker’s compensation claims through random and post-accident drug screens. Oral fluid testing is the quickest method of drug testing which allows employers to quickly test for substance abuse in a matter of minutes.

In a post-offer search, screening for worker’s compensation claims helps identify those who have submitted a significant amount of claims and, therefore, may be unable to perform the duties of the job.

It is also recommended to those in this industry to obtain verified work history and references from past employers. Reference and verification services provide important insight into prospective employees’ credibility, work habits, personality and dependability to help employers make informed hiring decisions.

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Recommended Services

Pre-Check National Criminal Search
Worker’s Compensation Reports
Employment References
Drug Screening


Pre-Check offers pre-employment background screening solutions to the financial industry. We offer a variety of solutions to meet your financial employment background check needs.

At Pre-Check we aren’t just in the business of background screening, we are in the business of integrity. Organizations in the Finance and Banking industry have trusted Pre-Check for over twenty years to provide in-depth national criminal searches, credit reports, references and drug screens.

Section 19 of the Federal Deposit Insurance Act, which prohibits any person convicted of a criminal act related to theft or dishonesty from being employed by an FDIC insured institution, states, “The conviction must be for a criminal offense involving dishonesty or breach of trust. Felonies, as well as misdemeanors, wherein dishonesty or breach of trust is involved, are included within the definition.”

National database searches often do not include county or municipal court records. Many criminal convictions such as domestic violence, drug possession and theft are reduced to misdemeanor convictions, which often are not included in such databases. At Pre-Check, we understand the importance of all-encompassing background checks. This is why we send researchers beyond the federal courts, into county and municipal courts for compliant and accurate results. Pre-Check also offers Federal Court Searches which provide useful insights by looking for crimes against the US Government such as embezzlement, tax evasion, civil rights violations and other white-collar crimes.

It is also recommended for those hiring in the Finance Industry to obtain detailed pre-employment references checks and drug screens to reduce the risk of employee theft and avoid costly turnover.

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Recommended Services:

Federal Court Searches
National Criminal Searches
Employment Credit Reports
Employment References
Drug Screening


Pre-Check offers pre-employment background screening solutions to the transportation industry. We offer a variety of solutions to meet your transportation employment background check needs.

U.S businesses spend more than $900 billion per year on the transportation of goods and products. Pre-Check helps to reduce your chances of having a bad hire through comprehensive DOT verifications. DOT Drug Testing, verifying driving records, and extensive nation criminal checks are just some ways we help you avoid a costly hire mistake. Most trucking companies have enough on their plate with negotiating operating contracts, pursuing or defending cargo claims, meeting government regulations, and just getting all orders delivered correctly to your customers. In addition, now there is an electronic logging mandate and stricter FSMA requirements for food transportation.

Let Pre-Check reduce the risk of making costly hiring mistakes by providing incredible results on with our background checks so that you can have a better night’s sleep.

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Recommended Services

National Criminal Search
DOT Employment Verification
Motor Vehicle History

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Business Services

Pre-Check offers pre-employment background screening solutions to the business service industry. We offer a variety of solutions to meet your business service employment background check needs.

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Pre-Check offers pre-employment background screening solutions to non-profits. We offer a variety of solutions to meet your non-profit background check needs.

Non-Profits and other charitable organizations hold special meaning for us at The Pre-Check Company. Our founder, Bob Drusendahl, has served as a board member for several charitable Human Resource, Hospital, and Church Organizations. Bob believes being able to serve through charities is an important part of building his community.

Those who work for nonprofits have a passion to serve something greater than themselves, a desire to make a difference in people’s lives and change the world for the better. Pre-Check understands this goal as well as the challenges that nonprofits and charities often face trying to accomplish them. Non-Profit organizations rely on their volunteers and employees to be responsible, trustworthy, and upstanding citizens in the community. It is so important to ensure these qualities in volunteers and employees, to protect those served and members of the community. Pre-Check offers extensive background checks that go beyond what is provided in an electronic search for comprehensive and accurate reports.

Thorough employment references and credit checks help confirm that senior administrators and staff are whom they claim to be and not just someone that looks good in a resume. For charitable and nonprofit organizations in Ohio, fingerprinting meets the requirements of Senate Bill 38 and 170, created to protect and regulate care for the very young, the old and the disabled.

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Recommended Services:

National Criminal Search
Statewide Criminal Search
Employment References
Credit Checks
Electronic Fingerprints

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