Other Services

Pre-Chech; Media Searches
Media Searches

Acquires critical information through a variety of databases, websites, and social media outlets containing news or information on the individual, business, or related keywords being searched. Results come from news articles, scholarly pieces, opinion pieces or critical analyses, political contributions, customer praise or complaint, photographs, and/or anecdotal information regarding the person or business of interest, as well as any other pertinent information. The search report will not draw conclusions regarding the object of the search but will attempt to provide unbiased results. Searches taking longer than 2 hours will be subject to an additional fee.

Pre-Check; Civil Searches
Civil Searches

This is an upper level search that checks for civil litigation in which the financial damages are $25,000 or more. These non-criminal actions cover such areas as lawsuits against previous employers and workers’ compensation claims.

Pre-Check; Employment Physicals
Employment Physicals

Physicals vary from location to location across the country. A basic physical would consist of medical history (blood pressure, pulse, temperature and respiration), height/weight, whisper hearing screen, and range of motion. Physical exams may be modified to include such requirements as lifting, 2-step Tuberculosis test, and Hepatitis B screen. Drug collections and other screens are available for an additional fee.

Pre-Check; Federal Exclusion Search
Federal Exclusion Search

This service is available for those in the Social Services and Healthcare fields. A background check on your applicant will include Federal Fraud, Ohio Department of MR-DD Registry, ODH Nurse Aide Search, Attorney General’s Office Ohio Offenders Watch, Offender Search and System for Award Management.

Pre-Check; Psychological Cognitive Skills Testing
Psychological Cognitive Skills Testing

Partnered HR testing and assessment agencies offer a variety of tests including targeted skills assessments, behavioral assessments, intellect profile assessments, situational judgment tests, career success predictors, custom tests and more.

Pre-Check; Social Security Number Verification
Social Security Number Verification

We process a report with an applicant provided name and address information to return an applicant’s social security number and other possible indicative information.  It returns the 3 most current addresses, when the social security number was issued, and where.    

Pre-Check; E-Verify

This service automates the E-Verify process. Comply with OFCCP regulations and better comply with the ICE and other agencies. Additional one-time setup fee.

Pre-Check; Worker's Compensation Records
Workers' Compensation Records

Report of work-related injuries sustained by the applicant as reported by the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation. Information includes the case number, injury, and date of injury case status. This check is conducted after a conditional offer of employment has been made. A number of states do not report workers’ compensation records. State fees may be passed along to the customer.

Pre-Check; DOT Employment Verification
DOT Employment Verification

A DOT employment verification may include work history, dates of employment, job title, salary, reason for leaving, eligibility for rehire and overall job performance.  The DOT portion will include drug and alcohol testing history, positive tests for drugs, confirmed alcohol tests results of 0.04% or greater.  It will also include non-reportable/reportable DOT accidents within three (3) years of the employment. This is in compliance with the Federal Government

Pre-Check; DOT Drug/Alcohol Testing
DOT Drug/Alcohol Testing

The DOT  5-panel urine drug screening adheres to the required Department of Transportation collection procedures (Department of Transportation: 49 CRF Part 40) for conducting workplace drug and alcohol tests. These screens are for all who work in federally regulated transportation.

Pre-Check; Eviction Searches
Eviction Searches

Searched in the county of the current address.  Report consists of last 7 years of eviction reports in the applicant’s county.

Pre-Check; Upper Civil Searches
Upper Civil Searches

Civil cases from any County Common Pleas Court.  Report will search records back seven years for any major criminal delinquencies.   Usually claims involving less than $25,000 are handled by a Municipal Court, which would not be provided in this report.

Pre-Check; International Searches
International Searches

Criminal Background Screening for countries outside the United States.  Pricing varies per country, as well as what documents are required. If interested in an International Search, please contact us for more details. 



Reference checks, education and employment verification turnaround times typically take 2 days and 6 hours. The status of your reports are regularly updated in the system and time stamped so you can see the progress as it occurs.


By the time a report reaches you, two sets of eyes have read each report. ensuring the accuracy of information.


We have addressed privacy issues with Secure Socket Layer technology, so that you can sign in and retrieve your applicant's report, but no one else can, ensuring the security of your potential hires' information.
Easy to Read

Easy to Read

Our reports are easy to read. We don't use abbreviations, we use real words to ensure maximum understanding of each potential applicant that we report on.