Pre-Check offers pre-employment background screening solutions to the manufacturing industry. We offer a variety of solutions to meet your manufacturing employment background check needs.

Robert J. (Bob) Drusendahl,  President of Pre-Check, owned a small but successful manufacturing company when he first learned the importance of pre-employment background screening. An employee was using intimidation and made physical threats toward another employee which resulted in his termination. An extensive litigation process ensued as a result of the termination that was so costly, it ultimately forced Bob to close his business. All due to one bad hiring decision.

The loss of his business inadvertently led Bob to his true passion and business today, The Pre-Check Company. Bob wanted to help fellow manufacturers and small business owners alike learn from his mistake of making one bad hire. Since then, The Pre-Check Company has conducted over one million pre employment screening services. On average 18% of pre-employment background checks conducted have conviction results of a felony or misdemeanor in the manufacturing industry alone.

The Bureau of Justice has stated that 68 million people have criminal records. Obtaining detailed National Criminal Searches on potential hires is essential to help protect your business from violence, theft and drug abuse.

Qualitative Employment References also give great insight into how an individual will perform in the workplace. It is important that employers learn about job seekers' abilities, attendance, work habits, supervisory needs, eligibility for rehire and other key indicators.  Through the use of detailed references, employers can be confident that they are making good hiring decisions.

Employees who use illegal substances put your business at risk and prevent your business from maintaining a culture for success.  Drug tests like hair, urine and oral fluids testing can stop drug users from seeking employment at your business, and a robust random testing program is essential to maintain a drug free workplace.

Failing to provide in-depth background checks creates disharmony, inability to meet production goals, customer dissatisfaction and a multitude of other problems which ultimately have an adverse effect on your business.

It is just too expensive to hire a dud. Pre-Check works hard to ensure our clients make better hiring decisions and keep the manufacturing industry thriving with comprehensive background checks, detailed reference reports and quality drug screening services. 

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We offer volume discounts and pre-employment solutions for every budget,  so please contact us with your particular requirements so we can design a program that is best for your bottom line and your peace of mind.

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