Pre-Check offers pre-employment background checks screening solutions to the healthcare industry. We offer a variety of solutions to meet your Healthcare employment background checks needs.

Pre-Check has learned over the last 23 years that whether you are a major healthcare system or a single clinic, quality patient care is your priority.  This can only happen by being devoted to the art of healing and having the most qualified doctors, nurses technicians and other health care providers. There is genuine wisdom in knowing what an applicant’s past performance is.  An Employment Reference is the leading indicator of future performance.

Aside from getting detailed Employment References, Federal Exclusion Searches, Professional License Verifications and Drug Screening all support qualifying the best employees.  It is critical in healthcare to have dedicated staff that will show up on time and do their best to provide quality patient care.

The adverse impact of failing to meet the regulatory requirements of State agencies and The Joint Commission will often result in poor employee performance, higher insurance premiums and added health care cost for patients. This is why it is so essential to make sure your employees have the skill set, education and certifications necessary to do the job.

Recommended services:

Employment References
Federal Exclusion Searches
National Criminal Searches

Education Verifications
Professional License Verifications
Drug Screening

We offer volume discounts and pre-employment solutions for every budget,  so please contact us with your particular requirements so we can design a program that is best for your bottom line and your peace of mind.

Our reports are: