Fingerprinting can be a complicated process, but Pre-Check is here to make it easy for you because helping you hire the best isn’t just our motto, it’s our mission!

How Does Fingerprinting Work?

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has created this system called the automatic fingerprint identification system (AFIS) which is implemented all over the country. However, each state has its own system, in the state of Ohio we do fingerprinting with the Bureau of Identification and Investigation. This bureau is part of the attorney general’s office of Columbus and is located in London, Ohio. When fingerprints are taken, we follow a three-step process.

Three-Step Process

  1. The first step is to scan the four fingers on the right hand.
  2. The second step is to take four fingers from the left hand.
  3. Then we take the two thumbs.

Moreover, it is crucial that we make sure to hit the two identifier spots on the finger in order to be able to identify the prints. After the prints are recorded, we send them to National WebCheck to be analyzed.

How Long Does the Fingerprinting Take and How Long Until I Get Results?

The actual fingerprinting only takes about ten minutes on average. However, everyone’s hands are different. For example, some people who have dry hands, based on their profession, will be more difficult to scan. A painter may have paint on their hands, or a health care professional may have dried and cracked prints due to always washing their hands. Whatever the case, we can always use the old method of paper and ink fingerprinting.

In addition, there are 58 million records on file at the FBI. In the state of Ohio, there’s over a million from 1944 to present. So, there’s a lot of fingerprint files on there that can be matched automatically; however, they do have people physically checking some records if an issue arises. Therefore, the results could take anywhere between a few minutes and 45-60 days.

Where Can I Go to Get My Fingerprints Done?

In Ohio, you can go to the attorney general’s website for a list of locations close to you. We have locations from Toledo to Youngstown to Akron to Newark, so we have many locations for our customers all over Ohio!

For all of your background screening and fingerprinting needs, contact us at Pre-Check today! We would be happy to answer any questions you might have!