Finding Quality Wokers: A Job for Smart Hire

Small businesses are currently facing a crisis finding quality labor. According to Luke Kawa of Bloomberg, almost 50% of small businesses that attempted to fill open positions in the second quarter conveyed they received few or no qualified candidates (NFIB Small Business Optimism Report). Furthermore, at the end of June, NFIB reported that 29% of small businesses said they were unable to fill job openings; 15% of owners stated “finding quality labor” was the biggest and most-important issue. So how can a business overcome the obstacle of finding qualified candidates?

Pre-Select “Smart Hire” has been helping small businesses nationwide find quality applicants for the past year. It is available in two different packages: Red and Blue. Smart Hire Red allows customers to lease Pre-Select, an Applicant Tracking System, for a 60 day period. Use of Pre-Select is an efficient recruitment tool helping employers organize the hiring of their employees. The other option, Smart Hire Blue, permits Pre-Select to find qualified applicants for employers. This removes the administrative hassle from employers to find the right person.

Here’s how Smart Hire can “Help You Hire the Best:”

  1. Filtration & Specialization

    Pre-Select asks calculated pre-qualifying and specialized questions to target ideal candidate pools for a position. Pre-qualifying questions are the first set of questions on an application. If a candidate chooses the “wrong” answer to any of the questions, they will not be permitted to fill out the rest of the application. For example, if a Hiring Manager is looking for a Bookkeeper that must have at least 1 years’ experience in QuickBooks, a pre-qualifying question might be, “Do you have at least 1 years’ experience using QuickBooks?” If they answer no, then they will be considered an unqualified candidate and will not be submitted. Pre-qualifying questions help filter out unqualified candidates to save the time it takes to hire. If a candidate moves further into the application, they will encounter an in depth set of specialized questions relative to the position. This section focuses on testing their knowledge, experience and personality.
  2. Communication & Organization

    Pre-Select organizes all applicants in once place while streamlining the communication process. Application statuses can be easily switched to categories like “Reviewed,” “Phone Screened,” “Rejected,” and more. Applicants are kept informed of their status through every step of the hiring process. Messages and notifications can be sent to applicants, eliminating the hassle of searching through weeks’ worth of emails. Pre-Select also has the ability to take individual notes on each applicant, reducing the chances of a colleague contacting the same applicant.
  3. Time & Resources

    Smart Hire ultimately saves businesses time and money throughout the hiring process. Smart Hire Blue has allowed Pre-Select to find small businesses a hire in an average of 30 days or less. With Pre-Select taking the reins, companies can continue with the daily operations of running a business without skipping a beat. The best part? It is 1/6th the cost of traditional recruiting services. Businesses can rest assured that they are in good hands with Smart Hire.

Would you like to know more about how Smart Hire can help you and your business hire the best? Please call 216-226-7700 or email to speak to representative today!

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