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Our Social Media Searches Matter

By Sandra Shinn
August 26, 2014 Category • Social Media Searches

New research has shown that 51% of employers who have searched their job candidates on social media networks did not hire them because of the content that was discovered. CareerBuilders survey also shared that these statistics have increased from 34% in 2012 and 43% in 2013. In addition, 43% of employers currently use social media to research job candidates, and 12% are planning to start. So, what is it about social media that makes it a great tool to research your job candidates? Some reasons for eliminating a candidate include finding content that is inappropriate or suggestive, specifically photos, indicating the candidate drinks or uses drugs, undermining their previous employers reputation, showing poor writing capabilities or communication skills, showing proof of lying about job qualifications, etc. However, social media searches are great for finding a scope of information that can lead to the hiring of a specific candidate. For example, resumes typically show work experience,