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The Pre-Check's Annual Survey

By Sandra Shinn
December 12, 2014 Category • Pre Check

Pre-Checks annual survey results are in! As always, we are so grateful for all of our clients who took the time to complete the survey. We have received excellent feedback and are working to make your experience with Pre-Check even better! For the upcoming 2015 year, we have a few new and exciting projects underway! Some of these include: Cognitive skills assessments: we will be reaching out to those who have expressed an interest. Delay Notifications: a large majority of respondents said, yes to this feature, so we are looking into how to best implement this in the first quarter of the year. Confirmation of orders: the results were unanimous with all respondents in favor. Confirmation of orders has gone system-wide. If you are not receiving the confirmations, then please contact our office. Streamlining the background screening process: there is a very strong interest from our clients to simplify the process, so we will provide more information about the updating of our website and