International Background Checks: Data Privacy Updates

By Sandra Shinn
April 18, 2018 Category • General

Retroactively effective to May 25, 2018 the European Union (EU) has started to enforce the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) which was approved on April 14, 2018. Pre-Check highly encourages organizations who are performing international background checks to adopt a new, updated consent form (below) to keep your company in compliance. This regulation applies to all companies processing and holding the personal data of [individuals] residing in the EU, regardless of the companys location. Personal data constitutes as anything from a photo that can directly identify the person to having their email addresses. It is stated on the EUGDPR website that if companies are not in compliance with their background check documentation they may be subject to some heavy fines. Penalties can be up to 20 Million which converts to approximately $24.7 million for violations. Please visit for more information on the GDPR ruling. There are additional resources on

Understanding Substance Abuse

By Sandra Shinn
April 04, 2018 Category • General

Did you know that urine drug testing positivity among the combined US workforce increased 5% from just last year alone? This is the highest annual positivity rate since 2004. More specifically, marijuana positivity rates have increased by 75% in the US workforce in oral fluid testing. With rampant drug abuse on the rise, especially in the workforce, Quest Diagnostics feels it is important to shed light on the epidemic. They have released their detailed white paper, An Exploration of Addiction, so we can all get a better understanding of substance-abuse disorders. Below, we have summarized the highlighting points of the white paper: The Difference Between Substance Abuse and Recreational Use Substance abuse occurs when the use of drugs and/or alcohol is recurrent and causes clinically and functionally significant impairment Like health issues and disabilities. Conversely, those who use drugs recreationally (every once in a while) are not considered addicted and do not suffer

Using Consumer Reports: What Employers Need to Know

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March 29, 2018 Category • Employment Screening,

Consumer reports, otherwise known as employment background checks, offer you peace of mind as you hire employees from outside your company or promote them from within your current ranks. However, with these compilations of credit reports, criminal records and more, comes great responsibility. Consumer reports require you to comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), enforced by The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), when hiring, promoting, demoting or enacting other employment decisions. Whether you are hiring, promoting, retaining or reassigning people, the FCRA keeps you within the law. This organization requires you to: Give applicants written notification that you use consumer reports to make employment decisions Obtain written permission from individuals being considered to access their consumer reports Let the company from which you request consumer reports know you did the above. And, promise not to discriminate based on the reports findings or misuse the information provided. To

Criminal Checks with the Pre-Check Company

By Bob Drusendahl
March 26, 2018 Category • Background Checks

In this video interview with Bob Drusendahl of the Pre-Check Company well explore what it means to have a criminal background check done by the Pre-Check Company, which is a Cleveland Ohio based firm that conducts background checks on a nationwide basis. Some of the highlights of the video include: Two day and 6hr turn-around times. One of the fastest in the industry. Single County Check Felonies Misdemeanors State Wide Checks Global national search of hundreds of databases State Specific Search Felonies Misdemeanors National Checks, also known as Pre-Check complete. Federal Checks Have a Question for Bob? Ask him any question pertaining to this video below:

FCRA Pre-Adverse and Post Adverse Notifications: A Summary

By Sandra Shinn
March 26, 2018 Category • General

Pre-adverse and post-adverse are broadly defined terms under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). However, it is essential to understand the importance of these terms and the legal obligation to collect authorization and provide the proper documentation once an adverse action is taking place. An adverse action is the denial of a position or promotion based on the findings contained in consumer reports. Essentially, candidates have a right to know why they are being denied a job position and are provided with an opportunity to respond to any adverse action. We want to help keep employers compliant; here are our guidelines and recommended best practices: 1. Obtain a signature authorizing any background check to be processed 2. Provide the Summary of Your Rights Under the Fair Credit Report Act providing this ahead of time can give the candidate or employee an opportunity to review and provide an explanation of any potentially negative information beforehand. 3. If there

How Technology is Changing the Human Resources Department

By Sandra Shinn
March 06, 2018 Category • General

Technology is a tool that is steadily enhancing the way Human Resources (HR) Departments perform their everyday tasks. Technology is also driving change and steering these departments towards more streamlined processes and data-driven decisions. It lessens, and sometimes even completely removes the barriers of time constraints, inconsistencies, and insufficient resources. With technology (like the systems below) taking over tedious workloads, HR professionals can focus on more strategic initiatives, hiring top talent, retaining employees and strengthening internal operations. The Applicant Tracking System Days on end spent screening hundreds of applications is now over! With an applicant tracking system (ATS) providing options to filter out unqualified applicants, companies get to the top talent immediately. Integrating an ATS with a background screening provider and any onboarding software can create a seamless, modern experience for job candidates. Theyll be impressed with

Drug Testing Around the World Increases with the Rise of Drug Abuse

By Sandra Shinn
February 21, 2018 Category • General

The statistics from the 2017 Quest Diagnostics international drug testing case study are in. According to this study, approximately 183 million individuals tested positive for marijuana, 37 million for methamphetamines, and 35 million for opioids. With an estimated 312 million drug users worldwide, it is crucial that organizations in the private sector recognize the challenges associated with their drug testing procedures and plan accordingly. Additionally, it would be wise for them to develop or enhance a drug-free workplace program, or even begin offering current employees assistance and/or rehabilitation for treatable conditions and drug abuse. Drug testing to prevent drug abuse on and off the job remains the number one priority. Whether inside or outside of the United States, organizations continue to try to ensure fast turnaround times and convenient drug testing sites for their applicants and employees. So, what happens when an applicant or employee happens to be overseas

DOJ To Announce Criminal Enforcement Actions For ‘No-Poach’ Agreements

By Sandra Shinn
February 08, 2018 Category • General

Recent publication from Seyfarth Shaw on January 25, 2018 announces, Employers should investigate their hiring and compensation practices to ensure compliance with recent antitrust pronouncements. The recommendation from Seyfarth Shaw of conducting an internal investigation is due to the recent developments regarding Antitrust Laws that establish the rules of competitive employment in the marketplace. Surprisingly, there are plenty of different scenarios that could get employers and/or their company/organization in trouble with the Department of Justice (DOJ). This means potentially being held accountable in upcoming class action law suits. The Antitrust Guidance for Human Resource Professionals emphasizes the rules surrounding free and open markets: Organizations and individuals cannot establish naked agreements with others that compete to hire employees. These agreements include wage-fixing or no-poaching collaborations among multiple employers. Such agreements are looked

Workforce Drug Positivity at its Highest in 12 Years

By Sandra Shinn
January 23, 2018 Category • General

Based on recent analyses performed by Quest Diagnostics, there has been a huge increase in illicit drugs particularly cocaine driving workforce drug positivity rates to their highest in the past 12 years. The analysis consisted of more than 10 million workforce drug test results, and were sharing some of the key findings in todays blog post: Urine Testing Urine drug testing positivity as a whole has increased by 5% from last years rate of 4% - the highest annual rate since 2004. Cocaine For the fourth consecutive year, there has been a urine drug testing positivity increase for cocaine use, having risen by 12% since 2016. However, one of the most surprising findings is that post-accident drug tests conducted were positive more than twice that of pre-employment drug tests. This was also higher than the rate of random drug tests. Marijuana Marijuana use has been climbing over the years, and it comes as no surprise that marijuana positivity rates have increased by 75% based

Millennials and Background Checks: The Trends

By Sandra Shinn
January 09, 2018 Category • General

Many of us are aware by now that Millennials are dominating the workforce and are expected to well surpass current numbers moving forward. As the number of the tech savvy, mobile, constantly-connected generation increases, so does the need to adapt pre-employment investigation processes. This is essential if your goal in the next few years is to attract from this rapidly growing pool of workforce talent! So, whats trending when it comes to millennials and background checks, and how can you best engage them in the topic of talent? Trend #1: The more applicant friendly the better! One thing is for sure, you want to make a good first impression! This generation loves easy-to-use, concise, and intuitive software. Whats said to be the best is when the entire hiring process is streamlined, and the background check is integrated with the applicant tracking system. Hmmm, we think we know a company just like that! Trend #2: Ditch the paper! Your organization, if they havent

It's The Pre-Check Company's 25th Anniversary!

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December 28, 2017 Category • General

The New Year 2018 will mark 25 years in the running for The Pre-Check Company. Thats 25 years of helping you hire the best! As the werewolf above suggests, weve been doing everything we can so you can avoid making costly hiring mistakes. Otherwise, you could have a serious NIGHTMARE on your hands! We know that 25 years is a long time, so we would like to refresh your Pre-Check memory by summing up some of our BEST services to keep away the werewolves! Background Checks We offer you timely, accurate, and detailed criminal reports, from our Basic County Checks to our Statewide Checks to our Pre-Check Complete! Each of our background checks physically check court records so that we can provide the most thorough and precise information available to you. Verifications and References Our verifications follow-up on where candidates say they have worked in their resumes, so you can get the whole picture. Well go back and verify as far as 10 years! We even call your candidates references

New DOT Regulations: Staying Compliant

By Sandra Shinn
December 14, 2017 Category • General

In November, the Department of Transportation (DOT) made several changes to its drug testing program regulations for all DOT employees beginning in 2018. Why is this important? The DOT regulations are incorporated with US Health Human Services (HHS) guidelines for federal drug testing programs. Lets take a look at what changed. The Big Change Schedule II Semi-Synthetic Opioids: The new regulation adds four Schedule II Semi-Synthetic Opioids hydrocodone, oxycodone, hydromorphone, and oxymorphone. Elaine Chao, the Secretary of Transportation, believes this will be a positive change for the DOT: The ability to test for a broader range of opioids will advance transportation safety significantly and provide another deterrence to opioid abuse, which will better protect the public and ultimately save lives. The addition of these four opioids will likely lead to a higher rate of individuals who test positive in their drug screenings. Those who may have screened negative in the

What Are Employers Looking For Today?

By Sandra Shinn
November 28, 2017 Category • General

A question that is on the minds of every single job hunter out there: What do employers and recruiters look for when hiring? Job hunting can be a nerve-wracking experience almost as much as the actual interviewing process. But, knowing exactly what employers and recruiters are seeking out in a candidate can help applicants prepare tremendously to put their best foot forward. Were going to look at a study that was conducted on nearly 800 employers, addressing this very question: Fitting the Company Culture 83% of employers cited that cultural fit was key. How a candidate meshes with a companys culture is typically determined by how a candidates behavior, interaction, and general attitude impacts those they work with. BONUS: Employers appreciated when a candidate was able to have a direct referral(s) from a staff member within the organization. Having the Necessary Experience Further in the study, 92% of employers agreed that a candidates experience was also a critical component.

The Opioid Crisis: What You Need to Know

By Sandra Shinn
November 15, 2017 Category • General

There is hardly a person that the current opioid crisis does not affect. Whether you personally know someone who suffers from opioid addiction, or you know a friend of a friend This is a very real and growing problem that continues to touch the lives of too many people. In this blog, were going to address some of the main factors of the opioid crisis, with the help from our friends at Quest Diagnostics: How Does it Start? Yes, opioid addiction can begin by just hanging out with the wrong crowd, but more often than not, it begins at a doctors office. Many prescriptions for painkillers are careless or overprescribed, which can frequently leads to the misuse of the prescription. Quest shares how misuse can work: Misuse occurs when a prescribed drug is taken in a way that is not consistent with a physicians orders. For many, deviating from a doctors instructions may lead to dependence on painkillers and, in the worst case scenario, seeking out to find street drugs like heroin

How Thoroughly are Carnival Workers Vetted?

By Sandra Shinn
November 06, 2017 Category • General

Carnivals and fairs have recently been a hot topic up for public debate after several incidents this year involving assault, sexual harassment, and drug abuse happened all over the nation. With no government oversight, state laws, or local regulations, its important to understand how each employee is vetted and hired so we can all feel safe and have peace of mind at our next carnival. What it essentially comes down to, is that the hiring and vetting processes are solely determined by each company for each carnival, festival, and fair. This includes determining whether or not a company wants to perform a background check at all on a candidate, and even when deciding which past criminal offenses they will or will not accept when looking at an applicants record. Sometimes, this means applicants with criminal history can slip through the cracks For example, employee Jeffrey Thomas Pendzimas of the Minnesota State Fair, was charged with sexual assault on a woman in front of her children

What HR Needs to Know About Expunged Criminal Records and Background Checks

By Sandra Shinn
October 17, 2017 Category • General

This blog has been written by Roy Maurer of SHRM. Pre-Check is re-posting it with permission. Roy Maurer | Employers that conduct background screens need to keep up as states expand the types ofcriminal records eligible for sealing or expungement. Mayor Muriel Bowser of Washington, D.C., recently proposed to wipe clean the arrest records of people who were not later convicted. Her plan joins a spate of efforts dubbed second chance or clean slate bills that would limit employers access to criminal records of arrests without convictions, minor misdemeanors and even low-level felonies, to improve ex-offenders job prospects. Most states allow for criminal records to be sealed or expunged, although laws vary by state. Some states do not permit expungement, or they allow expungement under very limited circumstances. Dealing with sealed or expunged records can be tricky for employers conducting background screens because of differences in state laws and the

Ban the Box: Federal Updates

By Sandra Shinn
October 04, 2017 Category • General

In the latter half of 2016, the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) issued changes to the Ban the Box rule, which included prohibiting agencies and employers from inquiring about an applicants criminal history until the agency or employer has made a conditional offer of employment to the applicant. Ban the Box quite literally refers to removing the box on job applications asking if the applicant has a criminal record. Now, the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB) has created guidelines that Human Resources agencies and hiring managers must comply with. Employee Protection from Discrimination Under the Civil Service Law, employees are protected from discrimination based on conduct that does not adversely affect their job performance. However, agencies and hiring managers can take convictions into account when determining an applicants suitability for a job. A conviction that has no bearing on job duties or performance may not be the basis for discrimination for or against anyone. Requesting

More Hiring Restrictions for Employers from the Ohio House

By Sandra Shinn
September 21, 2017 Category • General

Employers: Have you heard about the Ohio Houses House Bill 187? Its proposal is to protect the privacy of employment applicants; however, it could also make the hiring just a little bit trickier you. House Bill 187: According to 2017 BARNES THORNBURG LLP, House Bill 187 provides that no employer may request an applicants Social Security Number, date of birth, or drivers license number before making an offer of employment. The Problem: You might already see why this new bill could be frustrating for employers. These are the key pieces of information employers and Consumer Reporting Agencies (CRAs) use to check criminal records, driving history, credit history, previous employment, and more. The bill does state that an employer may obtain information for these background screening reasons, but this is unrealistic because it forbids employers from providing this information to third parties, like us. If House Bill 187 becomes law, employers will undoubtedly have to begin

Employment Updates from the DHS and SSA

By Sandra Shinn
September 06, 2017 Category • General

In this weeks blog, Pre-Check is sharing employment updates from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Social Security Administration (SSA). The DHS focuses largely on federal preparations to deal with terrorism while trying to manage other duties, including border security, customs, and emergency management. The SSA is the government agency that administers the social insurance programs of the United States. They cover a wide range of social security services, like disability, retirement, and survivors benefits. The updates below come from the Best Practices Committee and will impact employers and their end-user clients. SSA has a revised Form: Form: An updated Consent Based SSN Verification Form SSA-89 (Rev 04-2017) from the SSA was released on 6/26/17. You have until year end to make the transition to the new document. What does this mean? CBSV is the superlative personal identifier validation methodology as it matches

A Simple Guide to International Background Checks

By Sandra Shin
August 22, 2017 Category • General

Why Run an International Background Check? Many times, employers and hiring managers find themselves with job candidates who have lived abroad, or perhaps they may even have satellite locations in other countries. In these cases, international background checks are necessary for pre-employment screening. And as international job candidates become more and more common, international background checks become more important. Especially as criminals continue to cross international borders. An international background check will allow an employer to make a more informed hiring decision. Using a CRA Choosing a credible Credit Reporting Agency (CRA) is always an important factor in your typical background screening process, but it can be even more crucial when running an international background check. This is because international background screening is much more complex; CRAs must be aware of each countrys own laws and process governing what information can be legally obtained, how it can