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Premiere Provider of Employment Background Checks

The Pre-Check Company is an international provider of comprehensive background checks and employment screening solutions. We are committed to anticipating and fulfilling the needs of our clients through superior customer service, providing complete, accurate information in a timely and cost-effective manner, assisted by consistently updated technology.

Services We Provide

Applicant Tracking System
A simple recruiting tool that streamlines your hiring process from sourcing to onboarding.
Smart Hire
Not a full-time recruiter? Our Talent Acquisition Team works for you to make hiring easy, so you can just set and forget it. Start interviewing more qualified candidates today.
Pre-Check Complete
Pre-Check Complete is an incredibly accurate way to identify an applicant’s criminal record across all 3,141 counties and US territories
SSN Verification
The Social Security Number Verification returns the three most current addresses, when the social security number was issued, and where it was issued.
International Search
The Pre-Check Company can provide Criminal Background Screening for countries outside the United States.
Federal Court Search
The Pre-Check Company conducts the most comprehensive search available of the 94 U.S. District Courts. This service examines crimes against the U.S. Government such as bank robbery, treason, interstate drug trafficking and more!
Statewide Criminal Search
The Pre-Check Company conducts searches through the appropriate state agencies. Several different kinds of physical and electronic checks are conducted.
Basic County Criminal Check
The Pre-Check Company’s basic country criminal check provides a 7 to 10-year felony and misdemeanor search in the jurisdiction of residence or county requested.
Reference Checks
We conduct 14 -point in depth interviews to get the most information, so you can actually make a hiring decision!
Employment Verification
We verify the applicant’s employment during the past ten years. Previous employment information, which varies based on company policy, can confirm dates of employment, the position held, salary (as available), attendance and eligibility for rehire.
Education Verification
Education is the most often falsified information on a résumé and that matters, both for the qualifications of the applicant and as a testament to their honesty and ethics.
Professional Verification
Professional degrees and licenses are verified at the state board level. Determination of status and history of suspensions are reported. Disclosure events (complaints) are also provided, as well as recorded citations, when available.
DOT Drug & Alcohol Testing
The DOT 5-panel urine drug screening adheres to the required Department of Transportation collection procedures for conducting workplace drug and alcohol tests.
5-Panel Urinalysis
The Pre-Check Company’s 7-panel urinalysis provides affirmation of the presence of illegal drugs through urinalysis.
10-Panel Urinalysis
The Pre-Check Company’s 12-panel urinalysis provides affirmation of the presence of illegal drugs through urinalysis.
5-Panel Hair Test
The Pre-Check Company’s 5-panel hair test with expanded opiates confirms the presence of illegal drugs through hair.
Nicotine & Cotinine
This test is used for the detection of nicotine and cotinine in urine to determine the tobacco exposure status of the individual.
Employment Physicals
The Pre-Check Company provides employment physical services for certain types of employment. Physicals vary from location to location across the country.
Motor Vehicle Reports
A Motor Vehicle Report is a review of an applicant’s current driving history dating back seven years in any state requested.
Employment Credit Reports
The Pre-Check Company provides the history of the applicant’s credit, verification of name and Social Security Number, and a listing of public records such as bankruptcy filings and civil litigation.
Media Search
The Pre-Check Company acquires critical information through a variety of databases, websites, and social media outlets containing news or information on the individual, business, or related keywords being searched.
Civil Search
The Pre-Check Company provides an upper-level search that checks for civil litigation in which the financial damages are $25,000 or more.
Cognitive Skills Test
Pre-Check’s partnered HR testing and assessment agencies offer a variety of tests including targeted skills assessments, behavioral assessments, intellect profile assessments, situational judgment tests, career success predictors, custom tests and more.
Worker's Compensation Records
The Pre-Check Company will report work-related injuries sustained by the applicant as outlined by the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation.
The Pre-Check Company helps you automate the E-Verify process. Easily comply with OFCCP regulations and better comply with the ICE and other agencies.

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Let’s build a hiring solution that works for you! Whether you’re just starting a business or have a robust Human Resource program, we have pre-employment solutions to help any business. From background checks to recruiting to applicant tracking software, The Pre-Check Company has the tools and expertise to make hiring a safe, qualified staff easy.

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