Performing an employment pre-screening is vital to learn as much about an applicant as possible. At Pre-Check, we take reference checks seriously and are extremely thorough in order to get the most accurate information in a timely manner. Many of our staff members have conducted background screenings for years and are determined to have all your questions answered, so you can find the right fit for your organization.

Here are three of the top reasons why you should select Pre-Check as your pre-employment screening solution:

Online Search of Multiple Databases

When conducting a background screening, there are many details that are verified such as dates of employment, verification of education, address verification and more. Although a background screening is looking into an applicant’s history it is an indication of assessing the risk in hiring the potential applicant and future performance. A Pre-Check pre-employment screening is thorough as we review multiple databases to verify the applicant’s information going back up to ten years. In, addition we will verify information at a national level if required.

Extensive Reference Checks

After verifying an applicant’s address and criminal history we take a deeper dive into the screening process.  For example, if it is required to review an individual’s public record then we will make an in-person visit to the indicated public office to verify that it is indeed the correct person by confirming multiple criteria instead of only confirming an individual’s name. Also, when completing reference checks we will remain persistent until all the information is validated to our unique set of standards. Often, we will ask in-depth questions to discover plenty of information about the applicant’s prior job performance and workplace behavior.

Consistent Client Communication

Throughout the entire screening process, we remain in communication with our clients. Our goal is to have a quick turnaround timeframe so that your organization can be as efficient as possible when filling open positions. If there are any unforeseen obstacles, we will communicate that promptly with an expected timeframe to have the issue resolved. The entire process requires multiple stages of proofreading and is proofread by several team members giving precise results.

The information gained from a Pre-Check pre-employment screening is an invaluable tool for your organization. We maintain consistency by following the EEOC and FCRA guidelines to avoid any snags in the hiring process. A comprehensive background screening is ideal in having good hiring practices. Contact Pre-Check today so that we can provide the best pre-employment solution for your organization.

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