Our President, Bob Drusendahl, sits down with Jacqui to discuss references and verification for new employees. Some people say you’re only as good as your people. That’s why we Help You Hire the Best, it’s our motto and our mission.

For HR Professionals, a lot of time can be eaten up running through references and employment verification. Many background check companies offer similar services to Pre-Check, but our references and verification services are truly a unique part of what we do, and it’s because of our approach.

The 14 Point Program

We go beyond a name, rank, and serial-number check with a 14-point program. The 14 points are specific questions to help you identify supervisory needs, conflict-resolution, and more.

References can be really mundane and cumbersome, often involving back and forth. We have professionals doing these reference checks, some who have been in the business for over a decade. We know how to get through and retrieve the information needed.

Staying Compliant and Handling the Job

The 14 points become a process that we use to help identify the best candidates for our client. Staying compliant is important, so we aren’t able to ask for salary anymore in most states. We keep a close eye on the needs that can vary by state. Our goal is to open the doors for the client to make a hiring decision quickly, and make the right hiring decision.

We will make at least 6 calls to previous employers to reach them, while most firms will only make 3. One of our team members once made 26 calls to reach a previous employer for a candidate. Consistency is key for references and verification because the end all, be all is that this is hard work. We use our process to meld the manual work with the technological advances in this area.

Helping You Hire the Best

We do more than references and verification, but this is a key part of the process to helping you hire the best. We, of course, recommend doing drug testing and background checks on your future candidates as well.

How many companies give you the option to talk to their President? Pre-Check’s President Bob Drusendahl is available to answer any questions and personally help you hire the best. You can reach him at 216-226-7700 or contact us here to get started.

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