Prior to making an offer for employment, most organizations will complete an employment background screening in order to validate that an applicant has passed all the pre-requisites without any hindrances. The question on the forefront of many hiring managers mind is, “How do I know if I have verified the right information, for the right person?”

The contents of a pre-employment screening can vary depending on the nature of information required by an organization, and the quality of information that has been provided in the resources. Following the guidelines outlined by the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) and FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) is the best way to ensure that a pre-employment screening complies with federal and local regulations. At Pre-Check, we guarantee that all the necessary guidelines are met in order to certify that all of the information included in pre-employment screening is accurate and reliable.

When completing a pre-employment screening, requiring an SSN is a best practice. It is the first step in a comprehensive employment background screening. The SSN Verification retrieves information such as the first name and last name currently associated with that SSN, date of birth, and if the SSN is flagged for identity theft or is inactive. In addition, the applicant’s address history is tied to the SSN indicating if there are any discrepancies in the disclosed addresses. Any discrepancies could be an indication of criminal activity, which is why it is crucial to examine even the smallest details when conducting pre-employment screening.

As an employer, background screening is about trust. It is critical to get the most accurate and complete information possible in order to make an informed decision on whether to hire that individual. This can be difficult since multiple people may have the same name and people often change their names, such as when they get married. A background screening also provides history regarding any criminal records that may exist, motor vehicle history, and verifies information from registered sex offender databases.

A background check without an SSN will lead to a less thorough screening than one with verifying an applicant’s SSN. To achieve dependable results, Pre-Check requires Social Security Numbers on every pre-employment screening that is completed. A background screening with SSN verification is a powerful tool that will provide relevant information so that you are able to make a good hiring decision, leaving all of the guesswork behind.

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