Pre-Check has partnered with Virteom to engage our customers and users about our services and the behind the scenes of a background check company. In this video, we talk about drug testing and why it’s more important for employers now than ever before.

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It’s More than a Motto for Pre-Check

Today, substance abuse is really an epidemic in our country. Many state governments, Ohio included, have tried to tackle this problem and find a solution. Because of its prevalence and how it affects employees in the workplace, Pre-Check is here to tell you what you should be aware of as you background check employees.

We consider ourselves to be the champion of small business. We know most employers don’t have the hiring resources that come with big-business or large corporations, but hiring good employers that are a fit for your company is vital to success. Hiring is a struggle. That’s why Helping You Hire the Best isn’t just our motto, it’s our mission.

The Growing Problem of Fentanyl & Methamphetamine

The Ohio Department of Health shows the increase in drug overdoses by drug category on this chart:

Ohio Department of Health Drug Chart | Drug Testing for Employment with Pre-Check

What you see is that fentanyl has risen greatly on that chart since 2007. What we’re seeing locally in Northeast Ohio is that Methamphetamine is also becoming more popular alongside fentanyl due to the prices. The death rates across these drugs are shockingly high. Bob Drusendahl (President of Pre-Check) sees us being on our way to over 1,000 yearly deaths due to methamphetamine alone in Ohio.

These substance abuse problems greatly affect these individuals and families. But they also affect employers as these people are often employed. How can Pre-Check help?

Why Drug Test? Does it Really Work?

When employees are using drugs, it can lead to workplace accidents and ultimately becomes a safety concern. We can help employers through a variety of drug tests.

Hair testing is a 90-day drug test that stops drug use at the employment door. The other recommendation we have is random drug testing. If you take a random 10-20% of your employee population and drug test them throughout the year, you’re more likely to deter drug use. The greatest deterrent to drug use in individuals is the employer, not the family, spouse, friends, or support group.

Employers should recognize this epidemic and take advantage of their power to deter drug abuse.

What Drugs Can Be Included in the Test?

Most people will do the NIDA (National Institute of Drug Abuse) 5 drug test (or 5 panel drug test). This is the standard that tests for the presence of 5 drugs: THC, Cocaine, Heroin, Amphetamines, and PCP. Pre-Check is a national provider through Quest, there are many locations all over the country we can access for drug testing. Through Quest, we even add two other drugs to this panel to really ensure a safe workplace environment.

Pre-Check Helps You Hire the Best

We care about employers and employees alike. It’s always our mission to Help You Hire the Best. When drug abuse and addiction come into play, it leads to unsafe workplace environment and can create a toxic culture for your employees. We can offer drug tests and advice on testing to deter your employees from drug use and ensure you are hiring the best for your company.

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