Millennials are an integral part of today’s workforce and they are changing the culture in many organizations. Employers should seek to understand the unique traits of this generation. As an employer, it is important to provide opportunities to enrich the workplace and provide opportunities for growth and development. As the baby boomer generation continues to retire, the workforce will continue to change. Now more than ever, adapting to this trend is vital to retaining employees.

Here are some key topics that are a focus in the millennial working culture:

Millennials Prefer Flexibility

A work/life balance is a critical factor for this generation of workers. The traditional forty-hour work week is a thing of the past. Often millennials will opt for a shorter workweek or having the choice to have a flexible schedule with varying days that complement the ability to have a social life. Millennials value an organization that recognizes a job that is well done without being confined to an office for long periods of time.

Millennials Approach Job Searches in a Different Way

In the past, a job search was conducted by searching the classifieds with a red sharpie. In the digital age, social media is an integral part of landing a job. Especially utilizing social media platforms such as LinkedIn. Millennials can thoroughly research a company prior to completing an application. Also, taking advantage of the opportunity to network with current employees and request recommendations when applying for positions. Searching for employment in the digital age is not what it used to be. The process is entirely different and allows for a personalized experience when seeking employment.

Millennials Require a Positive Work Environment

Maintaining your well-being is a focus of Millennial workers. Healthy habits such as wholesome food options, exercise facilities, and employee benefits such as corporate gym discounts are ideal. Remaining healthy increases morale, reduces employee absences, and improves productivity. A positive working environment is frequently the deciding factor in selecting an employer as well as remaining employed at an organization.

Millennials Like to Make a Difference

Millennials believe in fighting for a cause. Social Responsibility is at the top of the list. Having a positive impact on the world is an attribute that most Millennials share. An organization should align with their core values and share the same passion and integrity. An organization should engage in charitable initiatives. Many organizations participate in quarterly events that increase community engagement satisfying all employees.

Employers, and more specifically managers, should learn how to merge the skill sets of employees in order to mold a stronger, more productive team. As the ideals and work ethics are merged, the collaboration can improve an organization. It is recommended to learn more about the gap between generations and what you can do as an employer to decrease differences, consider reaching out to your Human Resource Department for tips and suggestions. Having a focus on a work environment that respects and values differences and your organization will remain successful, well-rounded, and harmonious.

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