A Pre-Check Complete employment screening is the best solution for your hiring needs. We conduct a thorough and advanced background check so that you have the most accurate and up-to-date information. Conducting a background check can be a costly expense for any organization, but Pre-Check eliminates the hassle by reducing the time to hire at a reasonable cost.

But how? Here are several reasons why the Pre-Check Complete is an excellent option for your employment pre-screening:

Extensive Database Searches

This search covers a broad network of criminal reporting agencies within the United States. It includes a search of hundreds of electronic databases. The search also includes a Sexual Offender Search and OFAC. Pre-Check has all the tools that will provide an employer with all the information necessary to make informed decisions when hiring. It is understood that employers want to provide a safe working environment for their employees.

In-Depth Criminal History Search

We conduct an in-depth criminal history search that includes misdemeanors and felony checks. The search is conducted in which state the applicant resides and will often provide information within the past seven to ten years. The results of this search provide information about how the applicant meets your organization’s policy as it relates to criminal guidelines. Receiving the applicant’s entire record including misdemeanors is very important when making a hiring decision.

Physical Search of Court Records

The final component of a Pre-Check Complete background check is a physical search of court records. Electronic databases do not always include more than a name on a record. Pre-Check sends a court researcher to the specific court to verify that record belongs to an applicant. The researcher is prepared to identify that the criminal record belongs to the correct person instead of identifying the wrong person that could be a harmful mistake.

It is well known that employment pre-screening is becoming an essential tool in today’s hiring process. An employer who has an effective background screening program in place significantly lessens the risk of negligent hiring, workplace violence or a serious accident. It is expensive when an employer makes a poor hiring decision as theft, violence, or poor performance can have a crippling effect on an organization. Utilizing Pre-Check’s background screening services in addition to our other services will help avoid these costly hiring mistakes.