Pre-Check has partnered with Virteom to engage our customers and users about our services and the behind the scenes of a background check company. If you’ve never heard the story about how The Pre-Check Company got started, watch the video or read the transcription below to hear from owner Bob Drusendahl about our history!

Flashback to a Costly Hiring Mistake at a Manufacturing Firm

Today, Pre-Check has over 25 years of experience helping people hire the best, and in fact, helping you hire the best isn’t just our motto, it’s our mission. We got started because of a costly hiring mistake. At the time, I was a manufacturer of architectural doors and I did that for 12 years. We hired this person named Bill who was big and burly. He was the first one in the door and he wanted the job really bad. We thought he’d be a good help because we were lifting hundred-pound doors.

Well, Bill turned out to be the most foul-mouth, belligerent person you’d ever care to meet. And he was a terror in the shop, and it was a union shop which had a bargaining unit. Every time there was a problem there, he’d be the source. He was being written up for attendance, for performance, and other different things.

Finally, he was kind of on his way out the door when he physically threatened a fellow employee, also named Bill, who had a prosthesis on his right leg, so he couldn’t even defend himself. A big ruckus ensues in the shop. Bill threatened Bill, it was overheard by a third party named Marcus. And Marcus, who was a longtime employee of the company, basically said that Bill threatened Bill.

Arbitration Follows a Violent Employee’s Dismissal

Well, that solved it for me. We had all these other incidents written up and we basically went and dismissed him and because of the bargaining unit at the union. However, it wasn’t the stewards within the shop who alerted the union – because they didn’t like this guy any more than I did – but the secretary came in and defended this guy and championed him.

As a result, we wound up in arbitration. It was very difficult and it came down to Marcus’s testimony. Well, Marcus comes in and he says Bill threatened Bill so as these things happen, they go on for several more days so the attorneys can earn their fees. They bring Marcus in a second time and he says (again) that Bill threatened Bill.

You’d think that the matter was solved. However, we lost.

How did we lose? Because Marcus, bless his soul, was from the hills of Puerto Rico, which as we know is Spanish-speaking and therefore the way he said Bill threatened Bill was slightly different the second time compared to the first time and we lost.

The Beginning of Pre-Check

That experience planted the seeds of Pre-Check. What happened shortly thereafter, I sold the manufacturing company and I was doing a lot of traveling. I’d wake up and I had 26 and a half states that I was a sales manager for.

So, that got old after a while and in 1991, a friend of mine said, “Well you know there’s a brand-new industry called background screening. Maybe you should get into it.”

Who We Are Today

Taking the lesson learned from that costly higher mistake, we have built a company that is now a national provider of background screening and has grown to be more than a business. Integrity is our key motivator, we make sure that we can thoroughly complete our background screens to make the best recommendations we can. Because I know what happens when you make that costly mistake.

There are three major things we look for:

  • A thorough criminal history
  • Solid references
  • A drug test.

Those are the three big things that every employer should be doing.

We care about providing Employers and Human Resources with the information & tools needed to have a reliable, productive workforce that fits the company culture. Helping You Hire the Best Isn’t Just Our Motto, It’s Our Mission.

Happy Holidays Everyone!