Every organization needs to make certain that it is protected when completing the employment pre-screening process. As a hiring manager, it is required to gain valuable and relevant information from a background check. Implementing a consistent process for pre-employment screening is the best solution. Employers run these checks to protect themselves from negligent hiring.

Here are a few of the key factors that should be taken into consideration before hiring a prospective employee:

Obtain a Credit Report

First, obtain written permission from the potential employee to obtain a background check. Compliance with the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) requires written approval from the potential new hire. Information in a credit report provides information about payment history. Late or missed payments can be an indication of irresponsibility and may be a potential liability to an organization. Although, a bad credit report can help gain insight into an applicant’s prior history and give the applicant an opportunity to provide an explanation to resolve any misunderstandings or incorrect information.

Verify Employment History

As an employer verifying an applicant’s employment history during the employment prescreening process confirms prior work experience. The employment history confirms that the applicant has a professional background and appropriate work experience required for the position. When reviewing an applicant’s past work history, it can reveal insight into job stability and loyalty. It is great to have a candidate that can grow to meet more challenges and achieve promotions with existing skills instead of someone who isn’t qualified.

Verify Criminal Records

A criminal background check provides information about the criminal history of an applicant. Included in a criminal check is information contained in national and state records. This type of background check is important for positions that require a certain level of security clearance, indicating that the applicant is honest and trust-worthy. A criminal background check can include verifying sex offender registries and terror watch lists. Keeping in mind that it is important to remain compliant with the guidelines outlined by the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) when considering the impact of a criminal record in making hiring decisions.

The result of hiring an unfit candidate can have a negative impact on an organization costing thousands of dollars in losses. Taking into consideration the money spent to hire, damaged relationships with customers, and the strain on work culture. Conducting a background check can provide valuable information about a potential employee’s work habits, attitude, and integrity.  Employment pre-screening checks are an effective and accurate component in facilitating the integrity of employees while assuring the success of an organization.

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