Are You an Employer Struggling to Find Qualified Candidates?

When it comes to hiring, finding the right fit for your company’s services and culture can be difficult. When you hire the wrong person, the company loses time and money. At The Pre-Check Company, our Smart Hire product is made to solve this problem. In this video, we talk with Ted Moss about finding the right qualified candidates to hire as an employer. Watch and read below to learn more:

*below is a transcription of the video.

Hire Better, Hire Faster, with Smart Hire.

Bob Drusendahl is the President of The Pre-Check Company, where Helping You Hire the Best isn’t just our motto, it’s our mission. He’s committed to finding the best ways to help employers hire the best people. He’s here to tell you that Pre-Check has a product dedicated to hiring and retaining qualified employees, called Smart Hire.

“Smart hire is designed for employers to find qualified help. You’ll notice that in this week’s recent Crain’s magazine of Cleveland (the week is August 6th through the 12th, 2018) issued a survey from the Employers Resource Council. They conducted a workplace survey that indicated of the 111 respondents, 51 of them stated they had trouble hiring and retaining people. And I just just don’t get it.”

What’s Wrong with the Hiring and Retention Problem?

Why doesn’t Bob get the trouble employers are having with hiring and retaining good people in their company?

“Well to me I understand that unemployment is at the lowest levels it’s been in a very very long time. I get that. But the fact of the matter is that you can find qualified people if you do it the right way. Smart Hire allows us to do find people the right way.”

Solving the Problem of Small ROI (Employee Retention)

What we do is go out and do the things that many employers (especially small employers) don’t really do. They know to go to Indeed and try to use a tool like that. They might try Craigslist or talk to friend, ask around. They often are searching for several weeks and finally settle on someone. Therefore, the return on investment isn’t good. The turnover is going to be there because they’re not satisfied – neither the employee that gets hired or the employer. So, they are settling a problem but they’re not solving the problem.

What we do is we seek to find at least three qualified employees and we do that through our own applicant tracking system (ATS) that we built called Pre-Select.

Pre-Select Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

So we use our ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems are used by major organizations) in conjunction with the job boards and using what we call our special sauce. Bob doesn’t get specific about our special sauce because it’s something that we like to keep proprietary. Suffice it to say that we are able to go out and find the qualified people.

Now, there’s areas that were very good at – customer service, sales, finance, social media – were good at all that. Where we can’t find good positions are those positions that are really, extremely filled: DOT truck drivers, I.T. staff – those are areas where “all” the good people are working. But Bob believes in this economy… “If you’re giving a fair wage and decent benefits, we at Pre-Check can help you find three or more qualified candidates.”

Qualifying Candidates with Smart Hire

The way we do the qualified candidates is we have what we call pre-qualifying and qualifying questions. So I have an HR professional that says, “I’m not paying a nickel for unqualified candidates!” So, we have a pre-qualified section to narrow the search down.  Therefore, the employer isn’t looking at the junk or unqualified entries that come in because there’s a response to indeed or otherwise. After the pre-qualifying questions – we’ll show qualifying questions: schematics, essays, math, true/false, and multiple-choice questions related to the company’s culture.

One of the first things we do to come up with the pre-qualifying and qualifying questions is interview you and find out about your company culture as well as the skill set and work habits you’re seeking.

Identifying Company Culture; A Client Story

Our very first client happened to be an attorney and a sister. They went and the sister said, “Well, you know, we are a little anal-retentive, we kind of stand over employees and make sure you get the job done.” Well, that’s a certain culture that we have to find people to fit. So, we ask the right questions so people know to do that. Pre-Check does all of that.

How Much Does it Cost to Find Qualified Candidates?

Typically, when we do a search, we’ll usually find someone within the first 3-4 weeks although it’s a 60 day agreement. The good news is that we’re very cost-centric because most of our clients are small business (although we have a major employer that uses us regularly). We charge just 8% of the first year’s salary. So, if a person was making $12 an hour that’s $25,000 a year annd 8% of that is $2,000. Again, according to the Crain’s survey that took place, $12 an hour is about the average rate of starting pay for people. So, we’re only seeking that 8% to provide you with qualified candidates.

We know that employers are having hiring and retention issues and The Pre-Check Company can solve this problem for employers.

We do this with tools like Smart Hire to help employers economically acquire qualified candidates that are a fit for their business and culture. Helping you hire the best isn’t just our motto, it’s our mission. We truly care about finding the right people for you.


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