Hiring is a top priority for many organizations. Selecting the right candidate is key and having the resources to make an informed decision is vital. One of the best ways to ensure you’re really hiring the right person is to utilize pre-employment screening services, like a background check, for example. Doing so can result in hiring a higher caliber candidate and less turnover. But how do you know which Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA) to choose?

When selecting the right pre-employment screening service, there are two options to consider: A DIY service or a full-service company.


DIY companies are cost-effective but may not necessarily be a reliable resource. This is because the employer is reviewing information from a search engine that may or may not be entirely factual. In addition, organizations are required to comply with legal standards such as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). There is no guarantee that a DIY agency’s information provided is accurate and fair.


Choosing a full-service CRA is worth the investment because of their thorough and accurate information being provided. A full-service screening agency is committed to integrity and complies with standards and guidelines set by the EEOC and FCRA regulations.

What Does a Full-Service Company Offer?

Here are some of the common types of background checks offered by a full-service pre-employment screening company:

  • Criminal History (Misdemeanor and Felony)
  • Credit History
  • Driving Record
  • Verification of Personal Information
  • Employment History
  • Educational History
  • Social Media Usage
  • Workers Compensation History

This degree of information is useful and fair so that the hiring manager can make an informed decision about potential candidates.

A personality assessment is an added source that some organizations have begun to incorporate. For example, if hiring for a customer service position, employers may want a candidate that possesses strong inter-personal skills and the ability communicate effectively. Personality assessments help determine if a potential candidate will succeed in a work environment. The assessment is helpful in determining what motivates employees and understanding their strengths. Also, a cohesive and productive team is the goal of every hiring manager.

It is undoubtedly a challenge finding the right employee for the right job. Pre-employment screening services are an asset because they provide a standardized approach that is thorough when selecting potential candidates. Poor hiring decisions can be avoided when choosing the right CRA.