Promoting mental health in the workplace is important for many reasons, one of the primaries being that nearly one in five Americans are affected by mental health or neurological disorders. With such a high statistic, it’s becoming crucial that more employers are aware of mental health issues and work diligently to promote wellness.


Mental Health Issues Can Develop

Mental health issues can be in effect prior to employment but can also develop during employment. In many cases, these developments are associated with high stress. An unhealthy work environment or a work environment that does not promote mental health can easily cause an increase in mental health issues among employees.  With an increase in employees affected by mental health, a decrease in productivity will be seen.  An employer should be proactive in mental health and keep all employees aware of factors that increase mental health risks. Offering strategies to help with mental health and maintaining a positive pathway to mental health are ways employers can easily promote mental health in the workplace.


How Employers are Affected

Poor mental health can lead to a decrease in productivity as well as cause a large increase in compensation claims.  This is a costly business expense that can easily be avoided with the proper promotion of mental health.  Mental health issues also lead to frequent and drawn out absenteeism in the workplace. This affects both productivity and even the general functioning of the business. Overall, not promoting mental health in the workplace may be extremely costly to a company and is so easily avoidable.


What You Can Do

These days, most jobs tend to be high-stress and increase the intensity of an employee’s responsibility. Helping an employee become resistant against these pressures and cope with their stresses will greatly reduce their chances of having mental health issues. This will allow employees to be productive, present, and focused on the task at hand in the workplace. Here are a few simple steps you can take to begin promoting mental health wellness:


Encourage Dialog

End the taboo of discussing mental health by making it a normalcy. Have your managers begin by encouraging them to talk about challenges they have faced to establish the line of communication and trust among employees.


Improve Working Conditions  

This can be anything from introducing healthy meal plans to providing more flexibility of work hours to create a better work-life balance. Help your employees reduce their stress levels by making minor adjustments to promote positivity.


Make Monitoring Routine

Preventative measures can go a long way and may just save a life. Watch for red flags by implementing monthly checks and have employees make self-reports through surveys.