Workplace violence accounts for 18% of all violent crimes

    30% of business failures are caused by poor hiring practices

    45% of all resumes contain one major fabrication.

    Replacing an employee costs an average of one and a half times the annual salary of the position

    Substance abusers are four times more likely to be in a workplace accident and are five times more likely to file for Worker's Compensation.

    Employers lose an estimated 70% of all negligent hiring lawsuits

    An estimated $70 billion in productivity is lost annually due to substance abuse

Criminal Checks
Pre-Check criminal record checks utilize the latest background check technologies to search national, statewide and local courts as well as physical court searches to confirm results.
A reference provides important insight about an applicant such as their personality, work ethic, strengths and weaknesses. Pre-Check offers several types of references including executive references as well as custom references.
Drug Screening
We offer 5,7, 10 and 12 panel urine tests, hair tests and oral fluid testing. We also provide specialized testing and programs as needed including DOT. All drug tests are fully accredited by leading U.S. healthcare institutions and government agencies.
Smart Hire
Smart Hire provides an affordable method of finding qualified applicants with a simple "set it and forget it" approach for a time-saving hiring solution.

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