2016: A Year in Review

Another successful year is coming to an end, and with 2017 right around the corner, we wanted to recap Pre-Check and Pre-Select for you! Below is a list of 2016's major changes, initiatives, and more!

1.Pre-Check's New Logos & Website

Visually, Pre-Check made some big strides with our new logo!

The old logo:

Our new look:

In addition to this new branding, we have a brand new website for you to check out! Pre-Check’s new website features easier navigation, updated imagery and content, and more useful information for users.

2.Pre-Select’s New Logos & Website

Just like Pre-Check, Pre-Select underwent some slight logo tweaks…

The old logo:

Our new look:

Now on Pre-Select’s new website, our menu, services, blog content, pricing and more are easy to find for your browsing leisure. Be sure to take a look at some of our wonderful clients and their testimonials while you’re there!

3.Our Tie-Guy Video

Video? That’s right, we’ve started video marketing for Pre-Select! Watch our animated video below to learn more about the Applicant Tracking System and its efficient features!

Pre-Select | Easy To Use Applicant Tracking System

4.New Marketing Efforts: Blogs, AdWords, Drip Campaigns

We’ve really revamped a few of our marketing efforts for both Pre-Check and Pre-Select. Prior our new initiatives, you might have seen us share someone else’s articles and stories to our social media pages. But that wasn’t quite working for us anymore. Now we have increased the output of our own blog content! Kind of like this one you’re reading right now.

Additionally, we started to utilize Google AdWords to increase our search engine ranking results, and to capture new leads from our specified keywords. Email marketing Drip Campaigns have also been introduced to stay top of mind with our current clients and to reach prospective clients with fresh, compelling content.

Overall, Pre-Check and Pre-Select have undergone some serious digital changes, and we’re staying ahead of the age of technology!

5.A Focus on Developing Strategic Business Unit: Smart Hire

We were busy developing one of our key Strategic Business Units this year: Smart Hire! Smart Hire is our spinoff of our Applicant Tracking System. There are two parts: ‘Red,’ which allows employers to lease Pre-Select for a 60-day period, and ‘Blue,” where we actually find quality hires for employers, taking over the recruitment process entirely. Many business owners find it difficult to have the time and resources necessary to find the right hire while still maintaining day to day operations. That’s where Smart Hire comes in – we remove the administrative hassles of finding positions for IT, manufacturing, accounting, and so much more for 1/6th of the traditional recruitment services charge!

See what our clients have to say about their experience with Smart Hire!

6.Presence at Business Networking Meetings and Trade Show Exhibitions

Yes, digital marketing has never been more relevant in this day and age. But we still value the concept of face-to-face marketing! So, Pre-Check and Pre-Select attended some Trade Show Exhibitions, namely the 2016 Ohio HR Conference at Kalahari Resort and the THRAC Conference. We find that maintaining a physical presence with our prospects is equally as worth of our efforts! Plus, we were able to hand out decadent milk and dark chocolates to passers-by at our booths… You can’t eat chocolate virtually! 

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